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The Return Of The Creative Spirit

Firstly, thank you so much for your kind, kind response to our very sad news. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who took the time to personally reach out to us and also light a candle for the annual Wave of Light event.

Although the memory of James remains with us in every waking thought and the enormity of the process of accepting and learning to live with our loss continues, November has brought with it a return to work for both Dan and I which has given us a much needed positive focus for our lives.

So I've been making again! It hasn't taken long for the creative energy to resurface and I can't tell you how well it's been received. My eagerness to return to making confirmed, after a period of doubt and uncertainty following the earth shattering loss of our baby, that I must continue to make no matter what. It is my reason for getting up, my reason to persevere, to keep learning, growing, improving and creating.


As you know, over the past two years I've been enjoying learning the slow, sustainable craft of natural dyeing.

I love how even the process of preparing the fabric for the dye process takes over three days in itself and can't be rushed or skipped, forcing me to slow down and embrace the pace. The organic, unbleached calico that I use goes through quite a transformation from stiff, yellowish fabric to a softer, natural white finish.

The natural dye process also provides an opportunity to collect and use products that would otherwise be discarded from the kitchen such as onion skins and avocado stones to create surprisingly stunning fabric colours. The colours produced by the natural dyeing process create a subtle, inimitable palette and hues that compliment each other without even trying.


Block printing seemed a natural path to follow as a way of embellishing the naturally dyed fabric and developing my creative process with textiles. It combines lino printing and an outlet for exploring the joy of repeating patterns. I've been experimenting with patterns created with simple shapes that reflect the source of the dye stuff. Last year I block printed fabric dyed with onion skins with the Jolly Onion design. This year I've been using the simple shape of an avocado to adorn the beautiful pink fabric dyed with waste avocado skins and stones collected over the year. It serves both to create a modern, simple block printed repeat pattern as well as an education and topic of conversation about the surprising colours that can be made with waste products. Yes, avocado makes PINK dye!


This season brings a new sustainable homeware line made with hand block printed, naturally dyed organic, unbleached calico fabric! As is the way, dear subscribers, you are the first to be introduced to the new sustainable homeware product line. There is very limited stock this year, I've only been able to make as much as I can muster but I've enjoyed every second of it and thank you for providing me with a purpose and for being with me on my journey of making.

Here's a sneak preview of the new avocado sustainable tableware range: The Avocado Placemat. Placing kindness at the heart of your table this year with this unique, sustainable product made with hand block printed organic, unbleached calico naturally dyed with waste avocado skins. Quilted for extra heat protection. Kind to your table, even kinder to the world.


The products will be launched gradually over the coming days, the first email will be landing in your inboxes tomorrow, 1st December. The online shop will only remain open for a short period this year because I also have some news that Dan and I, after seven attempts and nearly two years of being separated from his family due to the pandemic, are flying to New Zealand on the 10th December (touch wood of course!). So the shop will only remain open for physical products from just a week this year (1st til 7th December) making it a short window for Christmas shopping but hopefully helping you to avoid last minute panic buying! Last year products sold out within a few hours so make sure you get in quick to avoid disappointment.

And one last peak, before we go at The Avocado Wax Wraps - a sustainable alternative to cling film - helping you do your bit to ditch plastic this year. More on that plus a link to buy in the email you'll be receiving tomorrow, 1st December 2021!


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