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Inspiration #7

The theme of this month's blog post on the subject of "inspiration" is the art of modern calligraphy.

In December 2017, when I was still working as a headteacher in East London, always on the look out for a new creative outlet to help me destress in the holidays, I bought myself the “Modern Lettering” book by the amazing Rebecca Cahill Roots. So desperate to start learning this new skill and knowing that all my new calligraphy materials had arrived in the post, I rushed back to London, (leaving the family Christmas in Wales a few days early!) to spend some time learning the graceful art of modern calligraphy with my new pens, ink and book. I found the soothing, slow, flowing nature of the nib and ink working in harmony on the page instantly relaxing. I noticed that whilst I was practicing modern calligraphy, the chattering thoughts in my mind quietened right down and I became completely absorbed in the process of writing the letter A in as many ways as I could.

Since this lettering re-awakening back in December 2017 many opportunities to practice my newfound creative love of calligraphy have come my way - I’ve been commissioned by brands such as Jonny Walker to write names in gold on marble tiles for a whiskey promotion event; as well as name places, table seating plans, order of services and invitations for a number of weddings, and naming ceremonies and private commissions for special quotes and framed pieces.

To commemorate the launching of the second strand of "The Still Point Series" I'm introducing the first "Still Point Scribing Challenge"!

Starting on Sunday 1st September, The Still Point Scribing Challenge is an online course in learning the art of modern calligraphy delivered as a 30 day challenge. You’ll learn calligraphy as part of group providing you with that daily accountability, motivation, support and encouragement we all need to make sure we complete a course.

What’s included in the challenge?

  • 30 video tutorials delivered directly to your inbox available for replay at any time.

  • 30 PDF lettering practice print outs available to reprint as many times as you need.

  • £20 discount on calligraphy starter kits for all challenge participants (discount offer available until 27th Aug)

  • Weekly live “scribing surgery” sessions with Marigold where you can bring all your scribing questions and queries

  • Exclusive access to the online community - learn as part of a group providing the motivation, support and encouragement we all need to get us over the finish line.

  • Life time access to all the lessons - no annoying logins or membership expiry dates – simply search for the lettering lesson in your inbox and re-watch the videos and re-print the worksheets as many times as you need.

  • Encouragement to play – this course is not about aiming for perfection in our lettering, this is about experimenting and exploring the joys of lettering and calligraphy.

At the end of the challenge you’ll have:

  • Learnt a new creative skill for life

  • Developed a creative practice that helps you to find your “still point in the turning world” (and give you a much needed daily screen break)

  • Met fellow like minded people in the online community of Still Point Scribers and maybe even made some new friends for life

  • A full starter kit with all you’ll need to continue to practice your new found love of modern calligraphy

  • A creative skill that enables you to express that inner playful lettering artist and make beautiful stationary for yourself and others

For full details on the challenge, to book your place and to order your discount Calligraphy Starter Kit, click here.

At the end of July, I set myself the challenge of writing and illustrating a new quote about creativity every day in August. These original and inspiring pieces of illustrated modern calligraphy are now available to purchase for £10.00, click here to purchase and if there is one quote in particular that speaks to you do let me know, click here to see the full list of quotes.

For all calligraphy commission enquiries do send me an email and we can arrange a time to discuss your ideas and needs.

To view previous examples of my calligraphy work click here.

Please note there are a limited number of Calligraphy Starter Kits available and the £20 discount offer ends at 12am on Tuesday 27th August 2019 (to ensure kits arrive in time for the start of the challenge) so book your challenge place now to avoid missing out.

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