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The Seed Pod Subscription Offer


The Seed Pod Series

A 6-month artisan embroidery kit subscription offer.

Helping busy people make time for making.

Looking a for a stylish homeware craft project to bring the creativity back into your everyday life?  


This limited edition, 6-month, artisan embroidery kit subscription, brings a new Seed Pod Kit containing 4 beautiful, hand printed templates and all the materials and instructions you’ll need right to your door every month. 

This is for you if:

  • You love hand stitching projects but you just don’t have the time to think about what to make or where to start. 

  • You love to know there's something new and exciting arriving in the post each month for you to get started on.

  • You're looking for something you can put your own stamp on as well as have a bit of guidance.

  • You'd like to have a stylish, hand-stitching project at hand that you can pick up and put down easily.

And the good news is that you don’t need to be an expert embroiderer to enjoy the benefits of this subscription, each kit comes with a step by step guide and illustrated stitch instructions making it ideal for beginners or people in need of some encouragement to pick up a needle for the first time.

I don't know about you, but I find that life always feels better when I have a hand stitching project on the go. I love projects that I can pick up and put down easily, take with me wherever I go and work on in whenever I have a spare moment.  

What people say:

“It’s ideal because it fits nicely in my handbag allowing me to stitch on the go - I actually look forward to my commute time now!”


“It’s fantastic - I now spend less of my time wistfully looking at other people’s creations on Instagram and more time making my own!”

“It’s the perfect excuse to just sit and be still for five minutes. I find it so relaxing just having a bit of quiet time to sit and stitch, it’s like my meditation, it’s a really mindful activity and it helps to soothe away my worries and anxiety.”

“I’m actually making something I love for my home and I’m really proud of it.  It doesn’t feel too overwhelming because the designs only take a few hours to complete. I love the process and the designs are like works of art in themselves - I can’t wait for the next one to arrive!”

"I've really enjoyed sewing my beautiful seed pod piece! Only recently started embroidery and I found this really easy to follow and the colours are gorgeous.  It looks great and I can't wait to do more!"

Features and benefits:

  • Each kit contains 4 hand printed lino-cut designs giving it a unique, artisan aesthetic.

  • Every month a new Seed Pod Kit is delivered adding an element of surprise to the monthly subscription experience.

  • With 24 designs to collect in total, they are designed to look great as a full set, in smaller sets of 4 or as single pieces. 

  • You can have fun arranging, sorting and making your finished pieces into beautiful objects for your home - a quilt, wall hanging, set of cushions, textile book or framed pieces.

Each kit contains:

  •   4 embroidery templates hand printed on beautifully soft organic cotton or linen material

  •   9m of DMC embroidery threads in 3 complimenting colours

  •   DMC embroidery needle

  •   Hand illustrated embroidery stitch instructions

  •   Design instructions  


The seed pod templates all measure approximately 15cm x 15cm and the colour choice of material and thread in each kit will be neutral and complimentary to ensure that the 24 finished templates look great as a complete collection.

Subscribe for 6 months to receive the full collection (24 images).

This is a limited-edition subscription offer to avoid excess material wastage - subscribe now to avoid missing out. 

Subscribe anytime and receive your first kit at the end of the following month.

Click on the subscribe button and select the appropriate postage option in the drop down menu below:

​For questions or queries see FAQ below or send me an email at

3 month subscription


per month 

        Collect 3 Seed Pod Sets:

Poppy, Honesty and  SycamoreTree

(12 designs)


**Save £15.00**

Good value!

1 month subscription


per month 

        Collect 1 Full Seed Pod Set:

Poppy Seed

(4 designs)

6 month subscription


per month 

        Collect the full set of 6 Seed Pod Sets Poppy, Fennel, Plane Tree, Honesty, Sycamore and Alder  

(24 designs)   

***Save £60.00*** 

Best value offer!

What people say:

 “Everything about it appeals to my values and aesthetics.  I am touched by the obvious care and heart that had gone into every detail.”


“I would like to gift this to everyone I know”


“The simple, natural, elemental feel of the whole experience makes this a very pure joy – it could not be more delightful.  A gem.”

"I love this seed pod embroidery kit.  It was a lovely gift.  Beautiful colours and pattern."



Can I extend my 3 month subscription to 6 months?

Of course, just subscribe for a further 3 months and you’ll receive all 6 kits in the collection. Just send me a quick email to let me know though so I can be make sure you don’t receive repeat kits!


Can I buy the subscription as a gift for someone?

Yes, of course – just remember to add their name and address when you enter the postage details. And send me an email so I can include a gift card on your behalf to arrive with their first kit.


When do the kits arrive?

They will be delivered to you in the last week of each month.


Can I subscribe anytime?

Yes you can! If you subscribe anytime in April, you'll receive your first kit in the last week of May.


Can I unsubscribe at any point?

Yes, of course, just send me an email and I’ll send you the link to the unsubscribe button which you simply have to click to halt any future monthly payments.


What can the finished designs be made into?

They are designed to look great as a full set, in smaller sets of 4 or 6 or individually.Here are some suggestions of homeware items you could make them into:

  • A quilt

  • A wall hanging

  • A textile book

  • A set of cushions

  • A set of framed pieces

  • Individual framed pieces

  • Patches for clothing


Each kit is hand printed and assembled by me, ensuring they are all made with the high level of care and attention to detail I feel they deserve.  Please allow up to three weeks for delivery of each kit.

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