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Learn the art of modern calligraphy 

in 30 days from the comfort of you own home


Starts: 1st September 2019

Ends: 30th September 2019

This challenge has now ended. Click here to register your interest in the next Still Point Scribing Challenge!



  • 30 video tutorials unlimited access to step by step videos demonstrating all you need to know about modern calligraphy 

  • 30 PDF printouts unlimited printouts for each lesson taking you right through from drills to frills

  • 30 "letter a day "emails from marigold ensuring you cross that finish line and develop a daily practice that helps you to find your "still point in the turning world".

  • 30 "mindful scribing suggestions" to bring your focus gently to your mind, body and breath while practicing the graceful art of modern calligraphy

  •  weekly "scribing surgery" online Q&A sessions with Marigold the Maker on Zoom

  • unlimited exclusive access to the online community of like-minded creative scribers The Still Point Scribing Challenge private Facebook group

  • PDF printable "Challenge Welcome Pack" helping you get prepared and make the most of your challenge experience.

  • Exclusive £20  discount on the "Calligraphy Starter Kit" (available until 27th Aug).

  • Exclusive interviews with Special Guest Scribers in which we'll hear their unique Scribing Story!


  • complete beginners interested in learning the art of modern calligraphy
  • more experienced calligraphers wanting to practice and hone their scribing skills
  •  CREATE quiet, calm space in your life 
  •  FIND your "still point in the turning world"  (TS Elliot)
  • DEVELOP a daily creative practice 
  • JOIN a community of like minded people
  • RECEIVE encouragement, support and accountability to finish the course!
SAVE £20
when you purchase the
Challenge + Starter Kit!
Challenge participants receive a £20 discount on  the calligraphy starter kit:
£55 reduced to £35!
(offer available until 27th September)

What people say:

The best things about taking part in Marigold the Maker's  challenges are:

"Being part of a group of like minded people who feel empowered to 'have a go at something creative."

"Shared motivation, shared ideas and new creative friends...favourite experience using social media to date!"

"The structure and camaraderie which provided the motivation to do something creative on a daily basis."

"The daily support and encouragement from Marigold the Maker".


Will I be able to rewatch the videos once the challenge is over?

Yes - you'll receive the videos as an email attachment allowing you unlimited access to rewatch the videos

What if I'm a complete beginner?

You're in the right place - this course and challenge is completely suitable for beginners.

What if I've already done a beginner's calligraphy class and have all the gear?

Let's take it to the next level - practice makes perfect! I would advise just purchasing the challenge which will ensure you have the accountability you'll need to ensure you develop a daily practice and take your calligraphy skills to the next level!

What if I don't keep up with the challenge?

I would encourage you to "embrace your pace".  The purpose of the challenge isn't to create unnecessary stress in your life but to provide the accountability some people need to help them finish a course or develop a healthy habit.  If you'd rather take it slow that is also fine - you can just work through the lessons at your own pace.

What if I have more questions?

Just click on the box below to send me an email at I'd be happy to help!

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