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Inspiration #3

Ten Reasons To Learn Embroidery...and why The Still Point Stitching Challenge might be just what you're looking for...

Straight Stitch

10 Reasons to Learn Embroidery:

1. It's creative - you get to play!

It's a wonderful outlet for your creativity. Once you've learnt even a few of the basic stitches a whole world of mark making possibilities opens up for you. And imagine all that playing you'll be able to do with colours, shapes and patterns.

2. You can make beautiful things!

You'll quickly develop a whole new set of skills that will enable you to make beautiful and stylish homeware objects, framed pieces of art, special handmade gifts for friends and loved ones.

3. It's sustainable!

You'll be able to join in with the fabulous and creative visible mending trend, transforming your clothes and moth holes into your canvases for you to try out your new found stitching skills! It's slow fashion in action.

4. It's mindful!

As well as being a beautiful, sustainable art form it's also a soothing, mindful activity that provides the perfect refuge from the busyness of everyday life.

5. It reduces "screen time"!

Embroidery is the ideal antidote for social media and because you'll be using your hands you'll also reduce your "screen time", #stopscrollingstartstitching.

6. It's calming!

I've named it The Still Point Stitching Challenge because embroidery will fast become your "still point in the turning world" (T.S Elliot). When you're stitching, it helps you find that deeper sense of peace we're all searching for.

7. It makes you feel good!

Yep - research has proven that the gentle attention and the repetitive action of stitching releases serotonin which makes you feel great!

8. You can do it anywhere!

Unlike some crafts, the materials you need for embroidery are relatively small and portable, allowing you the flexibility to "stitch on the go", making it an ideal activity for the time poor amongst us.

9. It's cheap!

You don't need to buy heaps of expensive equipment - you can use all sorts of unexpected items to embroider with and on. It's the perfect craft for repurposing, reusing and up-cycling materials you already own or that need a new lease of life.

10. It reduces pain and stress!

Doctors have been prescribing crafts such as embroidery for decades for their patients suffering from arthritis. Crafts such as embroidery have also been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels!

Open Fishbone Stitch

What is The Still Point Stitching Challenge?

It's a 30 day online embroidery challenge - we'll learn 30 embroidery stitches in 30 days from the comfort of our own homes!

Laced Running Stitch

What's involved?

Essentially, it involves finding 20 minutes a day to sit down and do some stitching. It's not about producing anything neat or perfect - it's more about just "having a go".

You'll have the option of joining the weekly online live "Stitching Surgery" sessions with me where we'll chat, drink tea, help each other out with any stitching issues and have a generally lovely time.

You could post your daily stitching efforts in The Still Point Stitching Challenge private Facebook group and cheer on the other participants if that helps you to feel more motivated or you can choose not to - it's entirely up to you.

Whipped Back Stitch

Embrace your Pace

If you're worried about feeling rushed or overwhelmed by the thought of doing 30 stitches in 30 days, you'll have the option to go back through the days you missed whenever you feel like it - there's no obligation to race through them in 30 days if you'd prefer to take your time.

At the end of the 30 days, you'll have 30 embroidery lessons including a PDF hand illustrated stitch instruction printouts and a video tutorial for each stitch delivered directly to your inbox. So you can browse through and complete them in your own time - allowing you to "embrace your pace".

Split Stitch

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to learn the gentle art of embroidery. It's ideal for beginners who have been wanting to learn embroidery for a while but are reluctant to leave their warm home to do so but also want to be part of a group benefiting from the shared sense of camaraderie and motivation. It's also suitable for more experienced stitchers wanting to expand their stitching repertoire or for anyone wanting some accountability to finish their Modern Sampler kit!

Fishbone Stitch

When does it start?

This Friday - 1st February - bookings are open until midnight on Thursday 31st Jan.

Long and Short Stitch

How much does it cost?

I'm offering at a reduced price of £45 as it's pilot challenge, full price will be £95 so you're making a saving of £50 if you chose to join now.

Running Stitch

What's included?

* Daily Embroidery Stitch lessons

* Mindful Stitching suggestions

* Weekly "Stitching Surgery" sessions

* Access to the online Private Facebook Group

* Interviews with Special Guest Stitchers - Richard McVetis and Sasha Kagan

* Discount codes to selected items from my online shop

* FREE downloadable PDF"Short Guide to Mending"

* Loyalty discount codes for future embroidery kit offers

Pekinese Stitch

How do I book?

Fern Stitch

What people say...

The best things about taking part in the #30drawingsin30dayschallenge hosted by me last June, according to participants were:

"Being part of a group of like minded people who feel empowered to 'have a go' at something creative."

"Shared motivation, shared ideas and new creative friends...favourite experience using social media to date!"

"The structure and camaraderie which provided the motivation to do something creative on a daily basis."

"The daily support and encouragement from Marigold the Maker through her own daily posts".

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