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The Power of Drawing #10

And here we are in December! This marks the tenth and final "Power of Drawing" blog posts. January will be a chance for new beginnings as well as new blog post themes. Thank you to all my subscribers and readers who have stuck with me despite my blog posts digressing away from drawing slightly...although I do find most things I do start with drawing and am grateful every day for this marvellous method of communication and expression.

So, November came and went with a complete sell out of the first edition "Modern Sampler Embroidery Kits" and hand embossed, Lino printed "Plane Tree Bauble Christmas Card" series! So a huge thank you to all my online shop customers. As a gesture of my gratitude for your support in my first year as an artist and maker, I'm offering all the readers of this post a 10% discount on all the products in my online shop (offer lasts until 31st December) - simple enter the code: "thank you" to receive your discount.

The "Modern Sampler Kit" makes the perfect Christmas gift for anyone looking to learn embroidery or even learn some new stitches, or those in need of a good project to get them through the winter months. It's also ideal for those looking to lower their screen time usage #stopscrollingstartstitching! Thanks to the "Stitching Project Bag" that fits nicely in your handbag, allowing you to "stitch on the go", I even did some stitching on the bus this morning instead of the habitual scrolling which felt great!

After the end of an intense period of making I enjoyed a blissful week on the Isle of Wight with Dan last week, stitching by the fire, playing scrabble and were lucky to have some stunning winter coastal walks in the weakening December sun:

December also brought the completion of the first cohort of the "Ready to Sell" online course. It was an honour to lead a group of fantastic, creative individuals through the process of moving from idea to finished body of work. What a journey it was for all of us and I am left with a feeling of huge respect for the courage they mustered in order to move through resistance with such integrity and honesty.

Details of the next online courses will be revealed in the new year but just to give you an idea of what's coming up...I've been sensing a need for a while now for an online course for people who either have "The Artist's Way" sitting, unfinished or untouched on their bookshelf or have heard of it and always wanted to do it but never got round to it. I completed the twelve week course for the third time this year and have found the process of writing the morning pages for the past ten years so valuable in the unblocking of my creativity. I passionately believe in Julia Cameron's methods of unlocking creativity and requested permission from her directly to run this course to which I'm pleased to say she gave me her wholehearted blessing! So if you are interested in participating in the first round of this course, entitled "Unblock" in the new year, send me a message here and I'll make sure you're the first to know about the course when details are released. Discounted prices will be offered to all my blog subscribers.

I've also been scheming an "Unlock" 12 week online course, ever since the end of the #30drawingsin30dayschallenge. It would be aimed at those looking to unlock their creative potential by learning the skills of drawing. So it's designed for people who are "Ready to Draw", who either have a copy of the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" sitting untouched or unfinished on their bookshelves, or have heard about it or simply think they would benefit from being part of a group working through the twelve week course. This book, like "The Artist's Way", is another one of my "creative bibles". I completed it in the summer holidays after I left school and it taught me some of the most valuable skills I've ever learnt - the skills of seeing which enables me to draw what is really there instead of what I think is there (when I can be bothered to look which is not often enough hence the drawing challenge!). It's a powerful process and I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from "I can't draw" syndrome. I believe we can all draw, we just need to be taught the skills to see what is really there which I mentioned in my first blog post. Again, if you are interested do send me a message here and I'll be sure to notify you first of the details when they are released next year and send you the discount code for the course.

So thank you again to all my supporters near and far this year - it really has been a momentous year for me for so many reasons and I couldn't have got to where I am with out you. Please do make use of the discount code "thank you" to receive 10% off all orders from my online shop, and have a fantastic festive season ahead!

Lots of love,

Marigold xxx

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