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The Power Of Drawing #8

October has arrived and it's probably my favourite months of the year - the light, the colours, the cosiness, and noticing "what remains". The seed pod series is well underway. But first let me give you a quick update on the progress of the participants on the "Ready to Sell" course that started in September.

Eight creatives of multiple disciplines are working hard behind the scenes to overcome resistance to their creativity (in the forms of perfectionism, procrastination, distraction, imposter syndrome - the fear of unknown and failure) and complete a body of work with the intention to sell. Amazing things have started to happen as the course participants declare a) that they are ready to sell (commissions coming through, opportunities to collaborate, avenues and platforms to sell through emerging); and b) as they commit to their project and the journey from idea to finished body of work. We're halfway through the course now and meet regularly to support each other in webinars, one to one coaching sessions and in the private Facebook group as well as working on our projects each week and completing weekly workbooks. There is nothing like the accountability that comes with working with a group to really get things done - it's quite astonishing. I will definitely be running this course again so keep an eye out in the future if you've got a creative project that you want to see through to completion.

Seed pods series has been quite a journey as I uncover my own blocks and resistance to actually doing the work. But it's amazing how many seed pods I now notice as a result - their structure and symbol of hope and new life never failing to inspire me.

I've been enjoying mono printing again and also tried out Rizograph printing (see below for first attempt) which I'm excited about experimenting with further.

I'm also experimenting with new embroidery stitches as I prepare for my upcoming 30 stitches in 30 days embroidery challenge:

Follow the hashtag #stopscrollingstartstitching on Instagram to keep up to date with details of how to join in with the challenge.

With the days getting shorter I've been learning how to make homemade sourdough and fresh pasta, which has produced some very rewarding and tasty results:

I'm listening to a new band called Ida - beautiful harmonies - I thoroughly recommend.

September brought the annual street party, which I take upon myself to organise every year. It also brings such reward as our street becomes more friendly and familiar every year - the children loved reclaiming the streets for the day too:

So it's been a month of making - pasta, sourdough, seed pod images, embroidery samplers, communities and long may it continue!

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