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The Power Of Drawing #3

I have a friend Lucy, who I met on the foundation course at Falmouth College of Arts. She is a dentist and an artist and one day decided to take herself on a mini-break to Paris. On return she showed me her diary that she had drawn. She had sketched tiny drawings of the path her day took - croissants, pigeons, art galleries, places, food, small observations. I was inspired by this approach to recording her travels and have adopted it on my travels ever since. Not long after, I drew my way around Central America. The daily act of drawing my diary formed a nice shape to the otherwise unstructured days while travelling. Looking back on the pages, the images immediately take me back to the small details of my travels that would otherwise be long forgotten. So for me, drawing is also a visual language that enables me to preserve the details of precious moments in my life. Somehow, I find that if I draw my day it lengthens and preserves the memories that would otherwise disappear.

Here are a few I found in a sketchbook on a trip to Barcelona in 2013:

On a creative retreat in half term holiday - caravan in Pembrokeshire

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