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Join a live, online workshop with Marigold and learn the beautiful Swiss Darning mending method.  Ideal for: creating neat, invisible mends on finer knitted garments; colourful visible mends with a consistent finish; reinforcing areas on garments vulnerable to wearing through such as the elbows and underarm of jumpers and toes and heels of socks.


In this workshop you will:

  • Make three beautiful Swiss Darning sample patches
  • Learn how to start, continue, change rows and finish mends 
  • Learn how to reinforce worn areas in garments 
  • Learn how to repair holes in garments
  • Learn how to change colours to create a colourful visible mend
  • Learn how to Swiss Darn on different types of garment (wool and cotton, chunky and fine knit)

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have your own beautiful, Swiss Darning sample patches
  • Have all the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to be able to repair and reinforce garments using the Swiss Darning mending technique for years to come
  • Searching for signs of wear and tear in all your jumpers and socks so you can practice this new mending method!

All Materials Included: A Swiss Darning Kit will be posted to you to arrive in time for the workshop with all the materials you'll need to make beautiful, Swiss Darning sample patches.

Kit contents:  3m x 3 colours chunky wool, 3m cotton thread, 1 x darning needle, 1 x embroidery needle, 3 x patches.  

Additional Materials Needed: Participants will need access to a small pair of scissors for cutting the woollen thread ends.

Swiss Darning Workshop

  • The workshop will take place online using Zoom. 

    Within 24 hours of purchase, participants will be emailed confirmation of booking, a Zoom link to join the workshop and an additional materials list.

    Workshop Kits will be posted via recorded delivery to participants prior to the start date - please select first class postage if you book less than 3 days before the workshop date.

    Additional materials include:

    • small sharp scissors for cutting the woollen thread ends
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