Hand dipped, tapered candles made with 100% organic, recycled beeswax using the honeycombs from my dad's old beehives.   


Unique limited edition hand dipped candles giving a warm, soft light and a natural honeycomb scent.


Beeswax candles contain natural air purifying properties.


Sold in pairs:

  • The Mini Ones (3cm x 0.5cm) - £1
  • The Birthday Ones (8cm x 1cm) - £2
  • The Church Ones (12cm x 1cm) - £3.5
  • The Skinny Short Tapered Ones (12cm x 1.5cm) - £4
  • The Fat Short Tapered Ones (12cm x 2cm) - £4.50


Hand Dipped Tapered Beeswax Candles

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