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Make Your Own Ink - be guided through the process of making sustainable, unique inks with natural and waste materials.


In this e-book you'll learn how to:

  • make ink with natural, foraged materials such as oak galls and acorn caps
  • make ink with waste materials such as coffee grounds
  • make ink suitable for drawing and writing
  • make ink suitable for printing on fabric
  • make iron mordant to deepen the colour of the inks 


Beautifully curated e-book with:

  • easy to follow step-by-step instructions  
  • three recipes for making ink using natural and waste materials
  • full materials & stockist list
  • recipe for fabric ink
  • best surfaces to print, draw and paint on
  • common errors to avoid
  • foraging tips

"Make Your Own Ink" E-book

  • PDF

  • Copyright Marigold the Maker 2021

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