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  • A downloadable “Mendathon Welcome Pack” containing all the information you’ll need to take part and make the most of your Mendathon 

  • All the resources you'll need to organise a "Mendathon Meetup Event". ​


  • “Visible Mending” techniques and ideas to help make mending more of a creative task.


  • “Mindful Mending" tips explaining practical Mindful Stitching techniques to help you relax while you mend.​​


Join the online MENDATHON community! 

We'll get our mending done, make new friends, raise money for charity and gain inspiration and support from each other.



A 10 day online event from

23rd Jan - 1st Feb 2019



£10 to join  

Every day for 10 days, you’ll receive daily “Mending Motivation” emails with illustrated stitch instructions, visible mending inspiration and mindful mending tips to help you get to the bottom of your mending pile.

50% of all Mendathon places purchased will be donated to PramDepot - a charity that supports vulnerable mothers by providing recycled baby clothes and equipment for their babies. 


  • Access to the “Mendathon Private Facebook Group" where we'll all be cheering each other on to get to the bottom of our mending piles


  • Access to an online “Mendathon Masterclasses”hosted by Marigold the Maker where you can bring all your mending problems and meet the Maker


  • Discount codes for selected items in Marigold the Maker’s online shop 


  • Accountability and motivation to help you get to the bottom of your mending pile, mindfully in just 10 days.