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The Creativity Quotes


August 2019


What does it involve?

Every day in August 2019, we'll write out and illustrate a famous quote about creativity.  Then we'll post it on Instagram using the hashtag #creativityquoteschallenge.  I'll choose my favourite quotes and share them daily on my stories throughout August.

Who is it for?

Anyone who loves creativity and writing.  You might be a graphic designer, a calligrapher or an illustrator or someone who just might enjoy writing and illustrating a small creativity quote everyday in August.

What are the benefits of taking part in the challenge?

Well, it's good to practice something everyday, especially if you want to improve and it gives you a good feeling when you've completed a challenge.  

If your quote is featured on my stories then more people might find you on Instagram and see your wonderful creations.

It will also give you a good discussion point for your daily posting schedule in August - we all love a creativity quote to get us started and it's a good way to engage people in talking about their relationship with and understanding of creativity as a topic.

So what do I have to do?

Simply download the quotes calendar, pin it to your wall and write out and/or illustrate a quote every day in your style of writing and illustration.  Then post it on Instagram using the hashtag:


What if I'm no good at drawing or calligraphy or writing?

Well, this is a good way to get better at all of these things.  Practice makes perfect.

Also you don't have to post your creativity quotes, you could just join in behind the scenes if you're feeling shy.  But I recommend posting your quote even if you think it's rubbish because I can pretty much guarantee that someone else will think it's great.

Why am I running this challenge?

Because I want to improve my own calligraphy skills and I need something to motivate me to practice calligraphy everyday.  And I love creativity and projects that brings more creativity into the world so this seemed like the perfect combination for a challenge.

I'm in, what do I do now?

Download and print the quotes calendar and get your materials ready.

I recommend having a pencil case with all the pens, ink and drawing implements you'll be using and getting a nice stack of paper or a sketchbook ready so you can start now!

When does it start?

August the 1st 2019 and runs right through to 31st Aug.

Can I join late?

Yep, feel free to join in any time in Aug 2019.

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