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C R E A T I V E   S P A C E

Y O U R  T I M E  T O  M A K E


Starts: 21st September 2020

Save £50

when you sign up before

8pm UK time Sunday 13th September

Frustrated at the lack of space for creativity in your life?

Creative Space, a 6-week online course for people who want to make more time for creativity in their lives.

Learn lasting strategies to help you bring creativity firmly back into your life and never sideline your creative ideas or desires again.


When you work full time, you’re a parent or you’re living a full and busy life, making space to explore your creative ideas and desires can feel like an impossibility.  Other people’s needs always seem come first, work and family life take over and by the time you’ve done everything that needs to be done in the day there’s no time left, let alone energy for creativity.  The frustration builds when you can't see how or when you're ever going to find time or space for creativity in your life again. 


Or perhaps you've got the time but something always seems to get in the way...

Now picture this:


All that despair, hopelessness and frustration about the lack of space for creativity in your life, replaced with a feeling of empowerment that you can prioritise creativity, find the time and protect that space.


You're excited to start each day knowing you’ve got time ahead of you earmarked just for you and your creativity.  


You realise you can weave creativity into the every day and you don’t need to wait until you’ve retired, the kids have left home or you’ve saved up enough money to build that studio in the garden, do the loft conversion or take a year off.  


Instead of suppressing that desire to have more time for creativity in your life, you listen to it and take action.  You step over the barriers and into your Creative Space...


And your creativity starts to flow again - you have more energy, a renewed enthusiasm for life and the ideas and inspiration flood in. That project that's been sidelined or you've been meaning to start is finally underway!


You're reminded every day of the value that creativity gives you and the people around you start to benefit too because you're happier, lighter and much more fun to be around. 


"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment.

It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." 



This is for you if:

  • You used to be creative, maybe you went to art college or you work in a creative industry but something always seems to get in the way of the time you set aside for your own creativity.

  • You have so many ideas for creative projects, you may have even started some of them but you can’t find the time or space to develop them.

  • You need some time for creativity, time to work on a creative project, time to express yourself creatively.

  • You miss that state of flow and the excitement you get when you’re working on something you love or doing something you love for no reason other than to create.

  • You wish you’d have chosen a more creative path because that is what you love more than anything in the world but you don't want to make a career change - you just know that you need more creativity in your life and you just don’t know where to begin.

  • You know that you need some accountability and to be part of a group of like-minded people in order to finally make space for more creativity in your life.

“Creativity is a way of living life,

no matter our vocation or how we earn our living.”




What if I don’t think I’ll have much time?

Let me reassure you - this isn’t about finding long periods of time for creativity in your life. We’ll find time that is realistic and bespoke to your situation and it won’t involve making major life changes like changing career or going part-time. And for the record: creativity doesn't always need or thrive in long periods of time. It likes containment and limitations - snatches of time - with defined boundaries.  So maybe you're in a better position than you thought.


What if I don’t have the physical space?

This course is for people who don’t want to wait until they can afford an art studio or build a shed in the garden or do the loft conversion.  Creativity can take place anywhere at any time.  It can be inhibited by the pressure that a dedicated space creates. We’ll be working with the space that’s already available even if it’s your kitchen table or the corner of a room.  

What if I’m not that good at my chosen creative outlet yet or want to learn something new?


If you want to use that space to learn a new creative discipline or improve your skills in your creative outlet then this is absolutely for you. This is by no means exclusively for people who are already professional creatives, although they are very welcome too because we all need a little help making that space and protecting it. 


What if I’m not a visual artist? Can people from other creative disciplines join?


There are no rules or criteria for which discipline or outlet you wish to spend more time on in your Creative Space – cooks, writers, artists, musicians, film-makers, photographers, crafters, potters – you name it – all disciplines are welcome in this Creative Space.

“Your own reasons to make are reason enough.

Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart”. 



Why do this with me?

Because I live a life full of creativity and I've found the perfect formula, figured it all out and you should just do it like me?  No, there's no magic formula or one size fits all in the world of creativity I'm afraid.  But I do know how to help you find out what your creativity needs in order to thrive and how to find space for it in your life. 

Yes, I know something of the benefits of creativity - the joy, the inspiration and the energy it brings.  I also know it's nemesis - fear, the ego, and how it likes to control and suppress the creative spirit.   I know how fear will show up - as a perfectionist, procrastination, distraction, addiction, apathy.  I know it will warn against you risking making a fool of yourself, publicly failing, causing embarrassment, being “silly”, childish, having fun, losing control.  I know how it chastises you, tells you you're lazy, disorganised, hopeless.  I know how it tells you you’ve left it far too late, you’ll never have the time.   And I know that when you finally do start that creative project, it will tell you it’s not good enough, advise you to stop now before you waste any more time, money and resources and remind you of all the other far more important things you should be doing. 

But I also know we don't have to listen to it, we do have a choice.  And in finding the courage to make that choice we do begin to experience more creativity and more joy in our lives. 

In the last two years I've created and led more than ten successful online creativity courses which have helped over one thousand people make time for more creativity in their lives. 


Here’s what some of them have to say:


"Before starting Ready to Sell I hadn't looked very closely at the more complex reasons why I wasn't able to focus on committing to time for my creative projects. It wasn't that I didn't have the time, it was that when I did, I was more likely to do life admin or cleaning! It was also that being a single mother meant that those pockets were rare so I had to train myself to focus my mind quickly. Something I had never achieved!  I can’t recommend her guidance enough to anyone who needs some buzz, group therapy and a little wholesome kick towards making those creative urges part of every day life"

Emily Keyte, Architect, Mother


“I am SO glad I embarked on the Ready to Sell course with Marigold. I knew that without her input, I wouldn’t have had the push to start, the support or the accountability to get my project off the ground and to resist the temptation to give up! I recommend doing literally ANY course with her. You’ll be surprised at what happens that’s for sure”

Anna Butterfield, Voice Over Artist


“Creativity requires the courage

to let go of certainties.”




Features and Benefits:

  • Be part of a thriving online creative community - a group of like-minded people all working towards the same goal of making space for more creativity in their lives. 

  • Weekly intention setting  to ensure that you're making time and space for creativity in your life on a week to week basis.

  • Weekly reviews and check-ins so that you can receive the accountability you need to make fast and lasting change.  

  • 3 x 90 minute live creative space group coaching sessions on zoom guiding you through processes that will help you to unblock, connect, value and recommit to your intention to have more creativity in your life.

  • 3 x printable, reusable workbooks - design your ideal creative space, a mid-point check-in and next steps and future planning for your creativity.

  • Life time access to all course content all material and sessions are online, recorded and re-usable making this a one time investment that can be repeated when needed to create lasting positive change in your life and allowing you to learn, grow and expand creatively all within the comfort of your own home.

  • Discounted offers on 1:1 creativity coaching and creative business mentoring, for those who are ready to go deeper with their creative practice, take that next step creatively and start making a body of work to sell.






Wednesdays - 6pm-7.30pm UK time on:

30th Sept, 14th Oct, 28th Oct

Click to view Creative Space Calendar


Full Price: £225

Early bird offer:


- save £50 when you sign up before 8pm 13th September 2020

(Click below for early bird offer - £175)

But wait…


What if I’m not really that creative?

You might be thinking about creativity in the purely artistic sense of the word.  To be creative you don’t have to be an artist.  We all have an innate desire to create, to make, to use our hands, to explore, play, experiment – like children do. Creativity is an energy in all of us, it’s a state of mind, a way of thinking, a way of being, a way of living.  No matter how quiet that voice is that’s telling you might like to explore and rekindle that desire you have to create – it’s significant and deserves to be heard.

What if I don’t know what exactly I want to do in my Creative Space?

Then we’ll take some time to find out.  The first week is all about dreaming, remembering, exploring and clarifying exactly how you want your creative space to feel, to look, and what exactly you’ll be doing in it.  Believe me, once it’s clear, you’ll be elbowing past all those barriers to get there.  


How much time will I need, roughly?


My advice when it comes to finding time for creativity is always: work out how much time you actually have then half it.  This will mean that you are ten times more likely to be able to find the time, use the time and you may even find you end up making more time!  The aim is for you to feel successful, realistic and exceed the goals and intentions you set for yourself.


What if I only have an hour a week?

This is not about waiting until you’ve got all the time you think you need in order to be creative, it’s about using the time you actually have available now to get started.  It's possible that this idea that you need a whole year, day, or even hour to be creative, to get into your project, to find your flow is a convenient block that stops you from taking the next step. Perhaps this idea scares you a little because you might risk failing and the creative path can lead us into unknown territory.  Yes, it's safer if you stick to what you know and to stay in your comfort zone.  But you also risk preventing growth and you'll risk missing the byproducts of creativity - that breakthrough, flow, buzz and excitement that comes from giving yourself time to play. 

What if I want to just use my hands or make cards or write or cook or something that isn’t the visual arts, is it still for me?

Yep, absolutely.  This is for anyone who wants to do anything creatively – this can include writing, cooking, making, playing, thinking, exploring, experimenting, starting, finishing.  If you have an idea or have had an idea for a while now and it won’t go away, it’s time to take that next step.


What if I can’t make the live sessions?

They’ll be available for replay and if there’s enough non-UK participants I’ll create an alternative time zone session.


What if I’m not on Facebook or can’t use Zoom?

You can still fully participate in the course, you just won’t get the full benefits of being part of an active online group.  But if you prefer to take part in the background or “offline” that is also completely fine.  You can also request to check in via email each week instead of using the online platforms.

Still have some questions…? 


I’ll happily answer any questions you may have that haven't been answered above - simply click here to send me an email and I'll respond within 24 hours.

What people say...

Feedback from previous Creative Space participants:


"I signed up to Creative Space following Marigold’s #stillpointsketchingchallenge which I loved. Having taken part in the course it means I now have a dedicated place where I enjoy working. Everything is to hand and it’s my relaxing space where I can go in and out of without having to pack away or tidy up. It’s made me realise how important it is to indulge in my creativity and not feel guilty. I’m now at the beginning of a journey working with new materials and tools and have already learnt so much. It was worth every penny and more."


"The course is very flexible and allows you to feel supported even when unexpected events come your way."


"The best thing about the course for me was investing in setting up a Creative Space and the regular check ins."


"I recommend this course for anyone who wants to explore creating in a more planned and scheduled way and anyone who feels they would benefit from meeting some lovely new people in the groups and zoom meetings."


"The course exceeded my expectations and I am now spending so much more time being creative!" 


"My creativity really benefitted from investing in and committing to making time to explore and research things I’ve been interested in but never made the time to enjoy."


"Before signing up to Creative Space I spent a moderate amount of time being creative, as a result of the course, I’m now spending a lot more time creating."


Feedback from participants of the latest Still Point Sketching Challenge – Creative Limitations:

“Thanks for this challenge it has pushed me back into art when it was something I ‘would get around to one day’. It’s taken me nearly 20 years to get around to it!!”

“This project had such a great and positive impact on me. It gave purpose to days where there was nothing to do, it gave a moment to escape when things got crazy and it was a boost of creativity. I loved it!”

“Just practising more frequently it becomes what my life is about a little more rather than earning money or cleaning the house!”


“Thank you for the challenge and encouragement and the lovely group. I’m inspired to break out of the limitations now and see where it takes me”


“I have loved the challenge, it gave me the impetus to do something I have wanted to do for years: draw every day.  I really enjoyed finding my still point during lockdown, my normal art practice requires lots of time which I don't have but sketching daily really helped keep that part of my brain active.”


Testimonials from 1:1 coaching clients:


“Marigold has a way of coaching which is truly attentive and imaginative. Her high level of professional skills and integrity make me feel valued, encouraged and respected.   Her feedback and questions are full of insight and honesty. During and after our sessions I feel heard, inspired, reinvigorated and well supported. Her brief summary of the session by email gives me a structure to work with that is freeing rather than burdensome, realistic and clear. She helps me to trust my own creative imagination which is truly empowering and unusual.”


“Coaching with Marigold showed me that with the help of other people, I can achieve far more than I can alone. Coaching brought clarity to objectives in my career and empowered me in tackling those, especially the uncomfortable ones! In the time we worked together, my career took a large stride forwards, achieving the goals that we targeted at the beginning and heralding new enthusiasm for my ability to succeed.”

Time to invest in some 1:1 creativity coaching?

Click here to arrange a free 30 minute Clarity Call to talk through your situation, goals and to find out more about the process of coaching.


"The desire to create

is one of the deepest yearnings

of the human soul."  



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