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The Still Point Stitching Challenge


Learn a skill for life in 30 days from the comfort of your own home

Every day for 30 days, you’ll receive illustrated instructions for a new embroidery stitch as well as daily mindfulness suggestions to help you relax while you stitch. 

Starts:Feb 1st 2019

Ends:Mar 2nd 2019


Exclusive access to interviews with Special Guest Stitchers - Sasha Kagan and Richard McVetis!


Suitable for:


  • Beginner embroiderers wanting to learn 30 embroidery stitches from the comfort of their own home and be part of a group while learning


  • More experienced stitchers wanting to expand their stitching repertoire 


  • Anyone interested in learning the art of “Mindful Stitching” 


  • Stitchers needing motivation and accountability to finish their Modern Sampler!

What’s included in the Challenge?


  • A downloadable PDF “Challenge Welcome Pack” with all the information you’ll need to take part in the challenge including a full materials list 


  • Daily “Stitch a Day”emails with downloadable PDF illustrated stitch instructions 


  • Daily “Mindful Stitching Suggestion” explaining simple, practical Mindful Stitching techniques


  • Access the “Stillpoint Stitching Challenge” Private Facebook Group 


  • Weekly online “Stitching Surgery” time with Marigold the Maker


  • Discount codes for selected items in my online shop


  • Accountability and motivation to help you develop a daily stitching practice and finish your Modern Sampler.

Learn a skill for life for just £45!

What people say:

The best things about taking part in Marigold the Maker's  challenges are

"Being part of a group of like minded people who feel empowered to 'have a go'at something creative."

"Shared motivation, shared ideas and new creative friends...favourite experience using social media to date!"

"The structure and camaraderie which provided the motivation to do something creative on a daily basis."

"The daily support and encouragement from Marigold the Maker through her own daily posts".

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