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30 Drawing Techniques

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A self-paced online drawing course that encourages you to explore and develop an exciting repertoire of new drawing techniques and offers gentle guidance to help you find your still point on the page. The act of drawing, even for just ten minutes, often leaves feeling calmer and more centred, yet most days, picking up a pencil can feel like an impossible feat. This online program offering 30 Drawing Techniques is the helping hand we all need to get us on to the page, the encouraging voice that motivates you to have fun, explore and experiment with new drawing techniques. It’s ideal for beginners needing some encouragement to take that first step onto the page. It’s for people who are curious to learn and experience more of the wider benefits that a regular drawing practice can lead to such as improved levels of creative confidence and wellbeing. And it’s also for the more experienced drawers out there who want to renew their passion for drawing, explore new drawing techniques and give themselves permission to play on the page. With over 25 years of self-taught drawing experience; nearly 20 years teaching experience in inner-city London primary schools and a long-held commitment to the development of a nourishing mindfulness practice - you’ll be in safe hands when you choose to learn with Marigold: “Marigold is a creative guide, a conduit between people and their creativity. She takes people on a journey of self-creative-discovery”.

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30 Drawing Techniques

30 Drawing Techniques

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