Modern Calligraphy Commissions

Calligraphy is one of the biggest loves of my life.  I love the soothing, slow attention it requires and the beautiful results it produces.  Scroll down for examples of recent events; calligraphy scripts and prices.


Example prices

Stage One:

Design consultation fee for bespoke commissions - £60.00.  We will discuss the vision for your event, the theme, design ideas, graphics, colours and materials and I will an initial design option for you based on our discussion and your requirements.


NB: if you already know exactly what you have in mind in terms of design, materials, colours etc and have the materials pre-bought, go straight to stage two:

Stage Two:


Guest name on invitation - £1.40 per name

Guest name on marble - £2.00 per name

Envelope addressing - £4.20 per envelope

Table Plans:

Guest name on place card - £1.40 per name

Individual table seating plans - £1.00 per word

Menus - £1.00 per word

Copies of menus - £1.00 per copy

Seating plans - perspex, mirror, wood - £1.00 per word

Stage Three:

Materials costing process:

Ink, Nibs, Pens, Paper, Perspex, Mirror, Wood.

Cost of materials will be individual according to bespoke design process.

On site fees:

If you require me to attend the event to service any last minute changes to names, my hourly rate is £25 plus travel.



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