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MARCH 2022


​Need a hand making a start on that mending pile? 

Moth holes stopping you from wearing your beloved cashmere jumpers but no idea how to mend them?

Know you need to learn how to extend the life of your garments for the sake of your bank balance and the planet but never been taught how to mend?

Interested in the new visible mending approach and need some inspiration to get started?


A Month of Mending offers a whole month of free online mending events throughout March 2022.  Learn basic mending skills such as darning and patching and be part of a supportive online stitching community.

This is for you if you:

- need some motivation to make a start on your mending pile 

- wish to equip yourself with some basic mending skills such as darning and patching

- are curious to learn more about the wider benefits of mending

- want to try some new, creative, visible approaches to mending

- would benefit from being part of a supportive, creative online community of like-minded people


Why mend with me?

​I'll be honest - I cannot claim to be an expert when it comes to mending.  Most of my mending knowledge comes from my stubborn refusal to part with my favourite garments despite visible wear and tear.  Also, I must offer enormous thanks to the frequent visitation of clothes moths over the years.  Due to their regular feasting on all my beloved cashmere clothing items, I've been blessed with many an unwanted opportunity to hone my darning skills which have improved no end in recent years. 


And thanks to the same patch that wears away on all my jeans - that bit in between the legs where the upper thighs rub together, I’ve also had frequent opportunities to practice the Japanese Shashiko mending approach which has extended the life of many a pair of favourite jeans. 

Throughout March I’ll be sharing with you all I've learnt and continue to learn about mending.  Why? 

Because we grew up in a fast fashion, consumer, throw-away culture when it comes to clothes and we all know that this approach is no longer sustainable for our planet.  Many of us haven't had mending skills such as darning and patching passed onto us - and frankly wherever there are gaps in knowledge that need to be filled - I love nothing more than filling them. And also because mending is creative and I love all things creative.  And finally because the act of mending can be soothing for our mind, body and soul and we could all do with a bit of soothing stitching time on the horizon.


And to fill the holes in my own mending knowledge I’ll be introducing you to some key figures in the global community of professional menders in the Special Guest Stitcher interviews on Instagram live.


What to expect?

  • A FREE  downloadable"Short Guide to Mending" PDF document will be landing in your inbox as soon as you sign up. Contains the answers to all your mending questions; step by step illustrated guides to basic darning and patching methods; mending materials, where to buy them and much more.

  • Still Point Stitchers private Facebook group - an online community of like-minded people all cheering each other on to get to the bottom of their mending pile, giving you the accountability you need to start and finish your mending pile, sharing mending tips and inspiration along the way.

  • Live Mending - I'll be mending my clothes live on Instagram every Tuesday from 5pm - 6.00pm UK time - come and watch and ask questions - available to watch on replay.

  • Mindful Mending - Live, guided Still Point Stitching - I'll be leading weekly meditative stitching sessions in the Still Point Sketchers Facebook group designed to help you slow down and feel the wider benefits of simple, mindful stitching techniques.

  • Social Stitch events on Zoom - opportunities to chat, meet new people, ask questions, share and learn new mending techniques and discuss the stories, value and significance behind some of the garments you might be mending.

  • Special Guest Stitcher interviews on Instagram live and guest blog post entries.

  • Online Mending Workshops - learn creative mending techniques such as Shashiko and Swiss darning.

  • #mendformind - make your mending matter - support the charity MIND by making a donation towards this supportive cause.

  • Discount codes on workshops and mending products.


Starts - 1st March 2022 - don't delay - sign up today!


And if you were wondering, yes, this event is definitely for people who have never mended a single item of clothing before in their life.

I'll walk you through all the basics and by the end of March you'll have learnt a new life skill that helps:

  • Extend the life of your clothes

  • Save you money on buying new clothes

  • Save the planet by not using up precious resources

  • Add some quiet creativity to your life

It's all about helping each other make a start wherever we are on our mending journey and being part of a supportive community - after all - sometimes that's all it takes to get over the hurdles in life.

Missed the start date? Don't worry - newcomers are welcome to join throughout March.

Thanks for signing up! You'll receive an email soon (it will arrive, give it 10 mins or so, it's a bit slow at the moment!) with the free Guide to Mending download and details on what to do next! Happy mending!

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