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"Truth is beauty, beauty is truth..."    (John Keats)

Making has always been my biggest source of joy. Growing up on a Welsh mountain side without a TV gave me plenty of space to nurture my creativity.  


Now as an adult, creative projects have become my refuge from the busyness of everyday life; my “still point of the turning world” (TS Eliot).

Making for me, is my meditation, using my hands to make brings my attention back into my body, it slows me down and after a while the chattering thoughts in my mind start to fade.  I find increasingly that having a creative project on the go provides the perfect antidote to the addiction and distraction of social media.  

I specialise in embroidery, calligraphy and coaching but I also love printing, drawing, cooking and photography - a truly multi-hyphened portfolio career! 


Do get in touch regarding commissions, events or workshops - I love to collaborate.


I strive to create beauty from a place of truth and it is a joy to be able to share my creations with the world.

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Marigold started out as a Primary School Teacher and taught for 15 years in inner city London Schools. Her career culminated in a headship at an East London Primary School but in 2018 Marigold took the brave plunge to follow her heart and pursue a career as an artist and maker.

For years she'd pour over books such as "Makers of East London" and "Hackney Studios" on Sunday afternoons, dreaming wistfully of a life as a maker and now she finds herself a fully fledge full-time maker with a studio in Hackney Downs!



Throughout her career in education, Marigold always really wanted to teach art. Personally, she found relief from the business of work in her many ongoing craft projects. She views craft projects and learning new creative skills as the perfect antidote to the over stimulus of the world of technology, internet and social media.

Growing up on a mountain in Wales without a TV gave Marigold plenty of time to develop her creativity. Coming from a family of crafters, the skills of sewing and embroidery were passed down to her through the generations of women.


Now in the era of the internet, technology and social media, the need for making has never been higher. She wishes to pass on skills that give people an antidote to social media and a creative purpose for their hands.


She is passionate about teaching skills such as embroidery, calligraphy and printing that bring people back into the present, create beautiful hand made objects as well as help sooth away anxiety.